Gresrod "Torch" Aoru

Middle aged Zabrak mechanic & pilot with wrench shaped tattoos.





*Note: Read in a deep, grungy, southern ’States accent

Hello there stranger.
My name’s Gresrod Aoru, but people call me Torch.
It doesn’t matter much where I came from or where I’m going, but I’m a mechanic; tweaking and fixing things is what I do. Give me anything broken and you’ll be damned if I can’t fix it.
I used to travel with a bounty hunter, name doesn’t matter anymore, but he was a good fella, a little reckless yeah, but that’s part of the job ain’t it. He’s dead now though. Bounty gone wrong. I didn’t go with him that time, too damn busy fixing our girl’s fuel line. Found him dead with a nasty shot wound to the chest. Gave him a proper funeral and went my way.
It’s quiet now with no partner on board, flying this girl through galaxies, nowhere to be, nowhere to go. She’s my home, and good thing I’ve got plenty of deathsticks to keep me company.
Things changed after getting to this spaceport. Needed a drink and my girls engine a tweak. Went looking for a new partner in the bar. Met this party there. Offered me a drink. Said they were looking for a mechanic and pilot. Supposed to be dangerous jobs though, but nothing I ain’t used to. Hell, I’ve got nowhere else to be and they seem like an all right bunch. So I left my girl with a friend, told him to take good care of her till I’d come back, and stepped aboard the Glorious Slug.

Gresrod "Torch" Aoru

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