The True Enemy

The Past (Episode I)

It all started sixteen years ago.

I was hired, along with a Miralukan Jedi named Resso, an Arkanian mechanic named Jax, and a droid put together in a scrap yard called A4-D1. A Hutt had a mission for us, find an artifact and bring it to him. But more importantly, he had a reward, and that was all I needed at the time.

We fought a force sensitive cult, travel to a shadow port, fought all manner of creatures in the mines of an asteroid, and then found a chest with some old credits and the star shaped artifact we were looking for. Turned out it was some sort of dark force relic, I had no problem handing it over to the Hutt but the Jedi wouldn’t allow it. His master, a Khil named Pharanor, showed up with some other Jedi and paid us for the artifact. Matter solved as far as I cared.

We did some odd jobs before the Hutt called us again. He wasn’t happy with us, but we had helped him recover his assistant so he was willing to give us another shot, and another paycheck. We went to Cathar to deliver some goods and got stuck in for the night. Our timing couldn’t have been worse.

Mandalore unleashed his forces upon the planet, we were forced to hide and survive on that dangerous world until enough time had passed that we could take off in the ship. As we left, we saw a single Mandalorian trying to stop the others from pushing the Cathar people off a cliff to their deaths… she didn’t make it and neither did they.

We got back to the Hutt who let us keep the ship but paid us almost nothing. Worked out in the end for us since he died before we had left the planet.

Eventually we headed to Taris. The Jedi went to see his master, whilst the mechanic went to his place of business. The Jedi pulled a group together to do a short mission. There was no pay, so I stayed clear of it. Turns out they fought and executed some kind of Jedi, details were unclear but no one seemed particularly happy about it.

We all got together to join the mechanic as he went to his work. Something felt off about the place the whole time, everyone was a little too focused, a little too stiff. But we got a job, and the pay was too much to pass up.

We took the Slug out to a research ship in the middle of nowhere. Not a good start. We landed without issue, but the whole ship was quiet. I stayed and guarded the ship with the others went out to see what was going on. Eventually they found someone, the mechanic’s boss. They said he was strange too, but after walking around on a pretty large vessel without hearing a sound, I guess everything is a bit strange.

The man eventually betrayed the party, too many questions were asked or they wanted something he didn’t want to give, but it caused the whole party to run around the ship firing wildly since I wasn’t there to take care of the scum in the quick fashion I’m known for.

When they finally got him, things went from strange to bizarre and terrifying. The man wasn’t a man at all. He was a machine, covered in skin and programmed well enough to fool the party into thinking he was human. Not only that, the restricted area of the ship housed some kind of dark artifact, and caged a bunch of nasty creatures called Rakghouls. Apparently the artifact was used to turn real humans into these things. And the scraps of clothing on these beasts left no doubt that they were the crew of the ship.

Now I don’t know much about the force, but the Jedi then gave us a heads up about some bad guy docking on the ship. I joined up with the party to take him down but he was far stronger than any of us. Far stronger than all of us in fact. We were forced to let him pass into the secure area where the Jedi tried to fight him alone. The Jedi took quite a beating while we got the Slug ready to lift off. Before the Jedi joined us, he released the Rakghouls in order to try and deal with this dark robed figure and we set the research ship to blow. We got out, and watch the ship blow. Unfortunately, we saw a nasty looking ship burst out and go to light speed. The figure had survived. We headed back to Taris for answers, and the second half of our pay. The company had shut down and it was impossible to find a trail. It soured things for all of us.

We decided it was time to part ways, I didn’t expect to see any of them again, they were pretty much hopeless without me.


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